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Medicaid expansion was a strong first step, but too many families still lack access to quality care. Here in Central Virginia, we’ve seen the highest health insurance prices in the country. States can work now to shore up the Affordable Care Act.

  • support a statewide public option so that all patients can purchase affordable insurance no matter where they work
  • empower nurse practioners and physician assistants to provide primary care, especially in underserved regions


As an educator, I know strong schools are the backbone of a strong community. I’ll be a champion for all our students and the resources they need to thrive:

  • expanding universal pre-kindergarten so that every child gets a strong start

  • raising salaries for teachers and the vital staff in all our schools

  • investing in the arts and after-school programs that keep kids engaged

  • expanding apprenticeships and technical training for modern careers

  • restoring state support for public colleges to reverse rising tuition prices

As an economist, I know all these programs cost money. Good schools are worth it. I’ll work to raise the revenue it takes to fund them.

  • support progressive income taxation in Virginia, where our top tax bracket currently treats millionaires and minimum wage earners alike
  • adopt “combined reporting” so that corporations that do business in Virginia pay their fair share


We need leaders who invest in clean energy at the pace that climate change requires.

  • join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative to ratchet down emissions

  • empower clean, local power producers to compete with large utilities by lifting caps on net metering and meter aggregation

  • support utility scale-solar installations and offshore wind turbines

  • end fracked gas pipeline construction throughout Virginia


Nowhere do we fall further short of “liberty and justice for all” than our criminal justice code. We need reformers in Richmond to dismantle mass incarceration.

  • permanently end drivers license suspensions for unpaid court debt

  • reform our cash bail system to decriminalize poverty

  • legalize marijuana and end the War on Drugs
Virginia spends $100,000 a year to incarcerate a juvenile. Just imagine what we could achieve if we re-route those public resources toward support services that help our communities thrive.


Our housing shortage is straining so many families: first-time homebuyers and long-time residents, local renters, and commuting workers. With more funding and flexibility from Richmond, our local leaders can expand housing options for all those who call this community home.

  • permit localities to use inclusionary zoning as a tool for promoting affordable construction
  • re-invest in the state housing trust fund to develop and rehabilitate affordable units
  • prohibit housing discrimination on the basis of means of payment, sexual orientation, and gender identity
  • promote progressive state income tax reform so localities aren’t forced to rely on more regressive revenue sources


When corporations write the rules and politicians pick the voters, all other progress gets sidelined. Virginia needs a modern Voting Rights Act that empowers every voter:

  • make voting convenient with same-day and automatic registration, early voting, and vote by mail

  • ban corporate campaign contributions and promote public financing so that every voter has a voice

  • empower an independent redistricting commission to end gerrymandering so that every vote counts

  • permit ranked choice voting to promote competitive elections and end partisan gridlock